Changing Places: Travels in a Vanishing World

Jeff Appelquist has traveled to all 50 of the United States, myriad foreign countries, and six continents. He has survived three years in the Marine Corps infantry; a violent rock slide on the Western Breach of Mount Kilimanjaro; a Force Nine gale in a sailboat on the Atlantic Ocean; a frozen regulator while wreck-diving deep in icy Lake Superior; a precipitous mid-flight plunge aboard a commercial airliner; two earthquakes; numerous bodily injuries, concussions, and surgeries; and a ghostly encounter with a Confederate soldier on Little Round Top at Gettysburg.

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Healing: The Radical Art of Self Care

More than ever, the world needs a message of healing. 

Healing offers radical self-care as a salve to help you hold heartbreak and hope. When you're an emotional laborer, healer, activist, community leader, or voice for change, the burden of oppression, trauma, and sorrow can seem never-ending. When you're facing nonstop heartache day-to-day, it's easy to wish for total numbness. But when you can't feel pain, you can't feel joy. 

Radical self-care and liberation coach Dr. Joi Lewis has one simple word for you: healing.

In Healing, Dr. Joi Lewis offers a powerful framework for all who want to uncover their heartbreak and reach for connection. The remedies in Healing will help you confront every aspect of your life that demands radical self-care. Dr. Joi's life-changing Orange Method (OM) inspires you to interrupt historic cycles of oppression and fully reclaim your humanity using practices for both self-care and community care. Healing is a path to transformation when your back is against the wall and you're buckling under the weight of everyday life. 

Joy is possible and unlimited. It's also worth reaching for. Healing is the beginning of your restorative journey back to you, your community, and your greater yet to be. 

Radical self-care requires your ultimate health, not just your ultimate sacrifice.

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