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What Studio Americana Podcast Production Offers

We are your turn-key studio solution!

Studio Americana offers comprehensive services for live or recorded content, professional voice-over recordings, commercials, audio editing, and much more. We are your turn-key studio solution!

Our custom packages save you the capital investment of a home or office studio and allow you to scale up as needed.


This truly is a golden age for content creators, thought leaders, and influencers who want to spread their voice and engage directly with their target audience. We help you identify the topics and the strategy.


From the sound-proof room, to the recording/editing process, our objective is for you to sound your best without buying a bunch of equipment or taking night classes on editing.


Understanding your options when it comes to distributing your new show online can be overwhelming. We help you understand the who, what, where and provide recommendations for distribution.

Unlike most podcast rooms available in the Twin Cities, our full service podcast studio has an entire staff of producers, editors and an experienced team with our founder Ian having over 20 years experience in radio & audio production.


What if you could reach your audience outside of their home and away from their computer? When they are really searching to be entertained, feel happy or be occupied. What if they could consume your content on their own schedule while commuting to work, while waiting at the DMV, during their dog’s evening walk?

It’s already possible thanks to podcasting.

For some businesses, hosting a podcast is the best way to deliver a consistent message that is on-brand and cements their place as a thought leader. Studio Americana makes it easy. Instead of investing in thousands of dollars of the best equipment, learn how to edit & spend hours on each episode, simply walk in, record & walk out-it’s truly that simple-Ian and his team handle the rest, from recording, editing, producing, even uploading and publishing! 

Come join us for a free tour of the space to learn more about what Studio Americana offers