Client Relations Host at Studio Americana

The Host will report directly to the CEO.

The Host interacts directly with the clients and guests during their time at Studio Americana. A successful host will reflect the professionalism, consistency, and friendliness of Studio Americana’s brand. This role requires attention to detail and strong communication skills. A crucial part of the Host role is to act as a liaison between the client(s) and the Recording Engineers.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Welcoming clients and guests as they arrive to the studio.

  • Documenting any verbal requests made by the client, ensuring they are

    clearly communicated to the Recording Engineer or necessary party.

  • Helping clients and guests become familiar with the physical layout and

    amenities at Studio Americana.

  • Ushering clients from the Green Room to the Studio for microphone

    checks prior to the recording.

  • Helping clients get familiar with the studio setup, including basic

    microphone techniques and how to adjust headphone volumes.

  • Checking in on Green Room guests during the recording.

  • Ensuring the studios are setup and ready for upcoming clients.

  • Resetting the studio and Green Room to standard between clients.

  • Light cleaning to ensure studios and Green Room remain to standard.

  • Ensuring video monitors are properly set to reflect each client.

  • Ushering clients out of the Studio/Green Room following each


  • Noting any comments or issues made by the client during their session.


  • We will train, but experience in the service industry is helpful.

  • Host must maintain composed and present a positive demeanor, even

    when possible issues arise.

  • Attention to detail is very important.

  • No licenses or certifications are necessary for this position.

  • The Host role does not require lifting more than 25 pounds.

    Please send applications and resume to