What is a Podcast and Why Does it Matter?

Imagine listening to a radio show that automatically downloads to your smartphone every week, constantly providing new and relevant content around your favorite, but oddly specific, subjects. No more sitting through your local radio station’s morning show just because you like the music or, even worse, only listening on specific days, at specific times, because the host might say something interesting.

Now, you can find shows online that cater specifically to you and your unique interests. They’re tailored to the exact subject matter you care about and you can get them completely free, at any time of day.

That is a podcast.

Just-in-time media you choose, when you are ready. That is probably why 59% of Americans from ages 18-54 are now listening (source: markeingprofs.com).

For those that are ready to access the huge benefits of a podcast audience, Studio Americana is a one-stop-shop for a professional team with years of experience in radio that will help you create a show you love and can’t wait to share with listeners. Give us a call at 612-272-7970 to find your voice online today.

Jenna Redfield