Expand Your Online Footprint with a Podcast

Podcasting is your chance to speak directly to your audience and educate them about industry trends and issues for a fraction of the cost that it would take to do the same over the radio.
In an age where people are no longer taking the time to read newspapers, let alone blogs, listeners can bring podcasts with them wherever they go—on the bus, on a plane, to the office, or even to the gym—and listen at their own convenience.

More importantly, podcast audiences are shown to be highly responsive.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edison Research, 65% of podcast listeners are more willing to consider purchasing something after they learn about it from a podcast.

This means that not only do you get to speak freely to your target market, but also more than half of them are likely to consider purchasing from you afterwards.

Adding a podcast to your monthly advertising budget is easy, too. Consider adding a podcast as a compliment to your current marketing strategy that can be distributed online. A high quality podcast will go far with your audience and give you a unique authenticity that is impossible for your competition to replicate.

Studio Americana is one of the few podcast-specific studios in the United States that specializes in using professional podcasts as a marketing tool. Our clients are innovators, and with our years of experience in radio, combined with the highest quality equipment available, we bring thought leaders to life in a new way.

Give us a call at 612-272-7970 when you’re interested in knowing more about the value of adding podcasting to your marketing budget. You have a voice—let your market hear it.

Jenna Redfield