Create an Experience with Your Podcast

Podcasts are about more than sales.
They’re about creating an experience for your audience in which they are engaged, informed, and educated about topics they genuinely care about. It’s a way to grow your network and influence, and become a thought leader in the market, which ultimately increases both sales and visibility.

The number of professionally produced podcasts is growing every day and unpolished, basement-level shows can no longer compete with the quality content readily available today.

Most podcasts are free, so one of the best ways to create value for the audience is by producing a show that makes them feel like you’ve put time and money in to creating it just for them. This builds loyalty, trust, and increases the value of your brand.

Fortunately, producing a podcast at this level doesn’t have to break your marketing budget. Studio Americana is one of the only podcast-specific studios in Minnesota, and one of the few in the country run by a team with years of experience in radio. We know how to take an idea and produce a polished, interesting, and listener-friendly podcast that you’re proud of. With the highest quality equipment, a beautiful recording studio, and even space for a live audience, Studio Americana easily competes with the highest quality podcasters from all over the world.

Give us a call today at 612-272-7970 when you’re ready to find your voice and bring your unique podcast to the world.

Jenna Redfield