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Off Hours Sessions

$89/Hour sessions

Looking to start a podcast? Already have a podcast? Our brand new service provides access to the professional setting and equipment you’ve come to expect with Studio Americana, streamlined to fit your needs. But this isn’t just a room with microphones. Bookings include access to a producer to get your show started and a helpful staff to assist with any issues you may encounter. You’re also welcome to select from our a la carte menu of services, such as audio editing, consultations, phone access, and more. The best part is, you’ll get your file delivered the same day you record!


Producer Setup & Host Onsite Able to answer Questions

Soundproof space & Professional Equipment

Our studio is a former radio station, so the walls are fully soundproof. No more audio leakage from the next room at your current space!
We also have state of the art mikes you can use as well!



Secure Building Access & Plenty of Free Parking

  • Your guests can ring the doorbell and our host will meet them at the door

  • Wheelchair access

Off Hours Access

Evenings and weekends Access



A La Carte options include:

  • Phone Access

  • Audio Editing & Production (Learn more about our Premium Services)

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Local Support

  • Q & A with our local team of podcast experts

  • Issue Support

  • Other

Unlimited text-based blog entries Hosts & Producers Onsite Fully Edited Podcast High quality photos Unlimited high definition video uploads Analytics.png


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